Friday, 25 March 2016

Spring? Winter?.....

We had a mini ice storm the last couple of days.  Making us wonder where Spring went.....It looked as if Winter was coming back!
 This fence was just covered in ice, including the plants covering it.
 The top of the fence, decorated with a thick layer of ice.
The big trees was struggling with all the ice, many branches was just snapping off, under the weight of the ice.
The Splendid Sampler:
 The latest block.

365 Challenge:
Love Entwined:
Falling ice chips from the trees.
When the sunlight hits the ice, it sparkles!

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  1. Oh Maggie what a magical visit, that ice may have been awful for you but oh what a wonderland of photos. They are just magical. Love all your wee blocks they will keep you out of mischief and so glad you are back working on your LE. Hugs Glenda