Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Pillowcases and more.

This week it was fun making pillowcases for Sick Kids Hospital, at The Sewing Cafe.  Met some amazing ladies, all with a passion for sewing.  We all got to play with some new toys, which will be making their debut in Spring!
 Hard at work.
Taking a quick lunch break, sewing is hard work.

 No fuss applique.  Using scraps for The Splendid Sampler
 Stitch on the lines.... (the full tutorial is here  ).
 Trim the edge's and snip the V, almost to the stitching.
 Turn the heart inside, out.
 Iron.  It is ready to be stitched on to the background fabric.
Block number 2.
Block number 3.

The 365 Challenge .
 The first nine blocks done.  Making one block a day.
Found some fabrics for the center block.
Last but not least, LE got some berries.
Outside the world is turning white again, snow and then some more...


  1. Pillowcases are such fun to make.
    You are certainly using up your blue scraps.

  2. So glad you are safe inside Maggie out of the cold. Your 365 challenge is looking great, I have some blues in my stash I will send you to help keep up the challenge. Looks like you all had agreat day at the cafe so much fun sharing like that. Hugs Glenda

  3. Your LE berries are looking delicious.

  4. Love your no fuss appliqué. I usually use that method, but for my Splendid Sampler block I gathered my fabric round a template and then pressed it before removing the template and then stitching the heart to the background.
    Wow that 363 is some challenge! Nice work.
    At least you can keep warm and do some stitching while it's snowing!
    Barbara x

  5. such cheerful blocks. And I love the blog name too!