Saturday, 16 January 2016

Twelve days of Christmas and more.

This quilt was our Mayflower  project for a year.  Every year a new quilt or challenge is chosen, then everyone use the same pattern (which they buy), with their own fabric choices.  Unless there was a specific piece of challenge fabric we had to incorporate.  Mine was inspired by the silky Christmas balls which we hang on the tree every year. The  hand dyed fabrics are all from South Africa, they are called : Amafu.  The fabrics are colour fast and a joy to work with.

Clutter ways us down, with new years resolutions to keep it all simple. So with this in mind,  the leftovers presented a problem: What to do with them?  The answer came sooner than I expected.  Bernina had issued a bag challenge, so we all decided to make bags.
The front of the bag.
Creating the canvas for the bag.  Sewing together all the scraps at random, then using only one decorative stitch in one colour to decorate the crazy patch design.
The Gusset for the bag.
All the scraps was sewn on a foundation fabric.  Later the pattern pieces was pinned to these newly created fabrics, then cut according to the pattern pieces,  to create the bag.
The back of the bag.
Lining the bag with some of the leftover border fabric.  Perfect for the beach.
At the end of this project, all the scraps was used to create the bag.  The leftovers was all used up. Neat!
First attempt at painting a landscape painting with acrylic paint.
Dreaming of the green trees in summer, winter has arrived with a blast.


  1. Great fabric in your bag. Making fabric from scraps is such fun. You never know how it will turn out.

  2. Beautiful quilt and what a terrific way to use up the leftovers!