Friday, 22 January 2016

The Little French Apron, part 1.

A request for this iconic apron came just before Christmas.  It needed to be functional and girly, with all the bells and whistles, for a newlywed bride.  She loves to bake.  It had to be a modern take on an old classic.

The Bib.
 The front, with something modern on the bib.
 This is a take on kneading dough.
The rick rack to cover the raw edges and decorate the front.  This is where a pocket could be sewn on the bib of the apron.
Make the ties, here is a quick way to make them...
 Pin ties in place.
Pin lining to the front, then stitch the two together, leaving the bottom open, for turning inside out.
The two stitched together.
The right side.
The edges top stitched an eight of an inch from the edge.
 Rick rack sewn close to the edge on the front, to finish it.
Adding the two tucks.  The bib is now ready to attached to the waistband.

 to be continued.....

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