Tuesday, 8 December 2015

8th of December

The humble Post box.  We all love getting mail, nowadays, with the internet, email, text messages, staying connected is a breeze.  Some of the friends and family we have live in parts of the world, where receiving a letter, via snail mail is the only way to keep in touch!  We do not let a small fact of having to write a letter stand in the way of keeping the communication lines open.  We write, send cards and sometimes, when we least expect it, something arrives in the mail.  It does take a little bit of time, the rewards of it will ensure we keep it alive for generations to come.
 Finding just the right Christmas cards.  This year it was not so easy, so mine has left later than normal.  I want them to say Merry Christmas, not happy holidays.  Christmas is a holiday,  Christians celebrate the World over for the birth of baby Jesus.  For most of us it is a special time we celebrate this season, not for all the trappings it bring.
A bottle brush, they can grow the size of big trees, come middle of summer, they flower.  In the Southern Hemisphere, this happens around Christmas time.  

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