Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23rd of December

Dressing the Tree!
This job is just perfect for the children.  When they were little, we helped.  Now they do it all.  Many of the decorations was crafted at school and still grace the tree to this day.  Our Angel is a paper plate, painted blue with gold sticker stars, others are made from felt, glitter glue (Christmas is the perfect time to add sparkle).  The silky balls, in all the colours of the rainbow.  Last but not least the shop bought ones. We add one a year, unless we find something truely unique.  

This is the one from last Christmas,  ours we only put up on the 24th of December.

Currently the sewing room is a beehive of activity.  Busy with a few last  minute requests that
needs to be done.  Then it is relax and spend time with all our loved ones.

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  1. Merry Christmas Maggi. My house is full of family. Hugs Glenda