Tuesday, 22 December 2015

22nd of December

The Joy of the Season.

The gifts we make to give, is often inspired by the interests of the one's we give to. They can be the start of great and very interesting conversations.  Think outside the box!

A friend asked me to make a Kitty in my pocket for a loved one, whose pet, with no pedigree was voted the winner at a cat show.
 The test sample, to try and get the cats colour's just right.
 The second attempt, it might not come out right, the first time.
 Then playing a bit more....
 Here it is.
A kitty in my pocket.
Today is another Birthday and until the 28th of December there is one or two every day.  Until the first week of January.  Our families got the celebrations all timed perfectly.

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  1. Love that shirt! Cat looks just like my grandkitty.