Sunday, 13 December 2015

13th of December

Festive inspirations!

A hint of cinnamon in the air,  the smell of freshly baked bread all trigger a memory, it is a powerful way we remember events from long ago.  Colours do the same, our senses tell stories in their own right.  Music will get us humming a tune, tapping our fingers or toes to the beat of a drum.  As kids we would twirl and dance across the grass and just spin until we were dizzy with delight.  As Adults, we keep it all contained, or do we? Last week a man in his truck waited next to us at the traffic light, he had the window open and was beating the tune with his hand on the steering wheel.  It was fun to see a big little kid still alive and well.  Embracing the inner kid which gets lost very fast in the world we live in today!

Release the big little kid again!

When last did you colour a picture?  Adult colouring books are all the rage at the moment.  They are used in a variety of ways,  Mary Corbet from Needle 'n Thread, created a masterpiece with Secret Garden, this is the start.  This is the end result, see it here.
 Playing with fabric tinting, using crayola wax crayons.
Trace design on muslin, then follow the tutorial here

Once the colour tinting is done, the design is embroidered, creating a heirloom.

An alternative to Crayola wax crayons and stronger hues of colour is soybean crayons, Prang.
 Then there is the humble coloured pencil, Prisma Colour Pencils.  Sandra Leichner has discovered her own way to add art to fabric using these pencils, here is her tutorial.  She creates Best of Show quilts.  The attention to detail which she add with pencils, is amazing!

Have a little fun.....

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