Thursday, 10 December 2015

10th of December

Quick Gifts!

Making something, is a gift most of us appreciate and treasure.  Especially as it shows the person cared to take the time to make something.  It is not about how perfect it is, it is the thought that counts.  At Christmas time our children will make us something, they give with a heart full of joy.  In a memory box, over the years I started a collection, which I have kept.  Treasures they have blessed us with, kept with love.

Wanting to make a table topper/ table runner?

Sew together some squares, here I used 5 rows of six squares each.  Then I sewed on a  blue border, all around the rectangle.

Next I used a special tool,
Follow the instructions, now the fun begins.  Cut out the squares, the stitch them all together again.  It will look like this.
No triangles was cut in the process, only squares!

If you don't have this gadget yet, maybe an idea for a the list?.....

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