Monday, 2 November 2015

Process for success.

Preparation, planning is crucial to the successful outcome of all projects.  Infusing what we do with the passion for what we do, is reflected in the final product.  When something is done without this, the end result is disappointing and flat.  Lack lustre is the apathetic way to discribe this failure, all because one team member was not prepared to bring their A-game to the table.  Failure to deliver, shows a contempt to those, who are on the receiving end of service.
When a chef treats the people he cooks for in this manner,  it is time for him to go back to school or leave the industry completely. If he is not interested to step up to the plate. The time has come to replace him with someone who care and is passionate about their craft:  The Art of loving people,  with the food they produce!
Women cook everyday for their families, they have to be creative and inventive, feed their families on a daily basis.  Whether unexpected guests arrive or they plan for large family gatherings, they do this and plan ahead.  When the event happens, they are ready.  One expect the same from professionals in the industry, especially when they have had notice of one's arrival for months.  When the day arrive,  they not only do not deliver, but fail the most important one's: Their customers.  My only question is this, WHY?
The day we think we know everything and we cannot learn anything from anybody,  is the day we have to reinvent ourselves.  We know so little,  there is so much more we can learn.  It is up to us, to continuously follow the journey and educate ourselves.  Country doctors, miles away from the hub, in little towns do this all the time.  They keep up with what is happening in their chosen professions, reading medical journals, speaking to others in their respective fields.  In order to hone their skills and to keep them in tip top condition, to look after their patients well.   They invest the time to learn,  it is a priceless investment, which save lives and improve lives for the better.
It can be done anywhere, by anyone.  The challenge is,  why some do and some don't?.....

 Being polite is good, normally one do not sweat the small stuff.  In this instance, one has to speak up, otherwise the bad service will continue and give everyone a bad rap, which can be prevented.  The root of the problem has to be dealt with,  in order to restore the balance.


  1. Can't imagine what inspired that post!

  2. Dear Maggi the Autumn colours are beautiful and I would have liked to have had one of those pumpkins on Saturday for our halloween, I was to late to buy one for $2.00 and ended up paying $9.00 to cut up for the front gate LOL. We put one out each year at the end of the drive way to let the kiddies know they are welcome to drop in for trick or treat. Hugs Glenda