Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Lazy days of summer....

This past couple of days was cool,  it reminded us that summer is almost over, to enjoy the warm days we get,  as much as we can.
 Soon the embroidery projects will make way for the quilting and knitting.
Having made a start with some long term projects.  Looking back at some which we finished in the past.
 The best part of making these blocks, getting to try all the different embroidery stitches.
This is from, Two Cushions and a Quilt by Sue Akerman.
This book has inspired some amazing hand embroidered quilts, which have gone on to win Best Of Show.
Works in progress, these blocks are ready to be joined
Celebrating special occasions, having cake, especially chocolate, with sprinkles....

Looking up at the blue skies, watching the clouds float by and enjoying a picnic along the river, on a sunny warm day. 

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  1. This all looks so delicious....including the cake! I love your embroideries, I wish I had the time to dabble more with threads. At the moment I'm readying for a long hot summer, so my quilting will stop and designing will start.