Thursday, 3 September 2015

Apples and Oranges.....

How do you know it is the one.  Do you buy the the first one you try out?  It is a big investment, the same as buying a car.  It would be easier if one could go to a show, where all the different shops and machines were under one roof.  It is also less intimidating, so no one will take offence, if you try it out and the machine is not the right one for you.

The one that meets all your needs and you are happy and comfortable with, which can do the job you want it to do, is the one. 

Asking a friend to go with you, is a good idea.  Just remember, a good friend will speak up if it is not the right one.  If you ask for their advise, it is important to remind yourself, they will give it.  Chances are they may be more honest, with their response.  So be prepared for an unbaised response.  A good friend will have your best interests at heart. 
 For a while now, a search for a simple machine, which can quilt, stitch and sew well.  Tried out quite a number of brands and machines.  Found one that can freemotion quilt very well, no big stitches, no pull and drag, when the feeddog is down, only smooth quilting.  The added bonus, is that this machine also quilts well when using the walking foot, for even feed and and stitch in the ditch quilting.    Even stitched rubber mesh and fabric bags, without a hitch.  It had lots of features, which one normally would get on high end machines only.

This is the one that won hands down. Janome 625 E.  This one was tested at The Sewing Cafe.

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  1. What, no fancy computer screen? I hope you enjoy your new machine, and there are no fires or smoke!