Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Paying it forward.

It is wonderful to know nothing goes to waste, when we put our minds to it.  When natural disasters strike, we pitch in and help, not because we have to but we want to.  Japan did not ask for the earthquake to happen, but it did.  Today I received a gift from Glenda in Australia, the part that touched me the most, this clutch:

This clutch bag has been made from vintage silk fukuro Obi (sash) that was worn at ceremonial and celebratory events since 1970.  It is handmade with love and respect.  The fabrics has been sourced from Kyoto, Hiroshima and Tokyo, Japan.  None have been sourced from the Fukushima area.  Ten percent of all profits,  is donated to the Japan Disaster Relief Fund to help families to rebuilt their homes and lives after the devastating evenst of March 2011.
Fabrics from Japan, this is one time I looked at fabric and thought to myself, how can I use them without cutting them to much?  They have a blue back ground. 
Pincushions is one of my favourite flowers, it is one plant that hold a very special place in my heart.
They grow in Australia and in the Western Cape, in South Africa.  They look just like a round pincushion with pins on top.
This book, My Dream Quilts by Reiko Kato, is filled with little bags and lots of interesting knick-knacks to make, from small bits of fabric. (ISBN: 978-2-916182-37-7).  It has been with me for a number of years, the attention to detail is amazing.
Have you ever looked at something and decided it needed a new lease on life?  Then repurposed it and created something new?  Making our world a greener place to live in...paying it forward in a very unexpected way.


  1. Oh goodness what a beautiful post. Glenda is such a kind and dedicated person, I'm not surprised to see her beautifully made clutch here, what a great cause.

  2. Those fabrics are gorgeous! Hope you find just the right project for them.