Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Quilters Garden.

It has no flowers in it, only fabric, kindred spirits, all the notions to go with it.  People with a passion for the same interest, Quilting.

On the shop hop for July, a shop owner had lots of signs up, with no pictures, please.  I was perplex by this, as I have never encountered something like this,  in any shop.  After chatting to the owner, the discovery I made was the following:

Designers, get shop owners in hot water if anyone takes  a picture of their patterns and samples of quilts, which the shop owners have used  to create the shop samples with?  Taking a walk around the shop confirmed the said samples and patterns were not that unique, many made with combinations of block patterns which have appeared for many years in books and magazines on quilting, in various forms.  Many of these patterns appear in magazine's, as this is the way they are advertised to make quilters aware of them...?
Designers create patterns just the same, as artists and authors alike do.  Copyright is there for a reason, to protect their work. 

Quilters the world over will buy patterns, books and magazines, they have for many years and will continue to do so for years to come.  Maybe this shop owner had a bad customer in her shop?  The exception, not the rule in the quilting world!

It is good to keep the weeds at bay, in the Quilting World.

Found some more red and white fabrics.
 This border fabric, opened up a whole lot of new possibillities.
The lot so far...
Even though my fingers are itching to start this one.....it will have to wait!

Red and White Love Entwined.

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