Saturday, 4 July 2015

Projects? Getting back to normal life......

 In life the fine art is finding the perfect balance that work for you, only you know what that is.
How many?

We could make a list.  It could be scary....,.  Years ago some of us made a list of all those UFO's.  We worked only on them, nine months later, all of mine was done.  For two months afterwards I had no projects started or works in progress.  It was a dull time.  The cure was simple, start one project, except working on only one is boring.  The solution was simple, start as many as I want to, it is what gave me back my mojo!

 We all start the ones that grab our attention, knowing we will be compelled to make them.  As to when they get finished, that is an entire different story. Making sure everything is all together, pattern, fabric to finish it at any given stage, is good planning.  Never having to worry about not being able to finish a project.  Can you work on one project only, from start to finish?  Do you get bored, is this the reason we start more than one project, rotating them to keep active interest in all of them?

This one got  four more rows this week.
This hexie love, is made up from all my leftover one and a half inch squares, which I fold over the hexagon templates.
Fabric collection for a red and white quilt, for one of my children.
Tops done, stored in the cupboard, ready to be quilted, one day.  The only way it gets on the list, is if they get prepared to be quilted.
One of the first quilts I made, it was when Jane Austen was my favourite inspiration.  It is made from a mixture of fabrics, English pieced and hand quilted.  Used polyester batting/wadding, at the time.
My summer tablecloth, a friend calls this a flimsy?  I think she may be right about this one.  It has been like this for almost ten years, time to finish it.
Last but not least the ones that find us.  It is made from the good bits of old dresses, found it on our travels, for less than ten bucks.  It is a twin size, needs to be handquilted.  I salute the quilter who made this.  To this day I cannot just discard my scraps.  Hence the reason Ohmigosh by Sue Garman has made it on my project list.

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  1. I recognize some of that Red fabric! Wonder why.
    How is ohmygosh coming?