Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Speech On Quilting.

This quilting husband says it so well.....

 Please,  follow this link.  The quilting community is alive and well, lets keep it that way.

Recently, a fellow quilter was affected by a force of nature.  The quilters did not need to be asked to step up to the plate, they do it naturally without sparing it a thought.  We are all proud to be a part of this community. 

It is amazing how important the human connection is, in the world we live in.  As long as we have one another, there is nothing more precious, to know, someone care enough, no matter what.  We are never alone, we are always surrounded by love.  It is this,  which gives us the strength to move forward and conquer all that life throws at us.

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  1. Oh Maggie what a beautiful soft blue those blooms are, I love wearing that colour. It must be hard to find time to sew with so much to do out side and the sun calling. Hugs glenda