Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Exploring Beautiful Shores. Part 1.

Sometimes we need to have a holiday and explore places further afield.
To swim in the Ocean, walk on the beach, enjoy the simple things in life. Allowing us to catch up with Grace, just to be, for a moment in time.
Taking in nature.  This baby crab was tiny, with spots.
On an early morning walk, this little green lizard was rock hopping.
A stingray having fun in the water, he was playing games with the fish.
The flowers, saw lots of hummingbirds, even on the beach in the trees.
The shells on the beach, it was fun finding ones that was new, in all shapes and colours.



  1. Hi Maggi so glad you made it to the beach and were able to walk along it several times too. It is the very best way to charge ones batteries. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy Glenda

  2. What a beautiful way to unwind. I think sea air is the best remedy for almost everything!