Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Stars, in his Crown designed by Robert Callaham.

Nothing goes to waste.  The nickel quilt is born.
The Pattern. (McCalls Quilting, October 2004).

All the shapes are different.

Using cardboard templates for this one.
All the funny shapes, making a good dent in my charm stash.  It has arcs, with a New York Beauty feel to it.
Lots of curved pieces.

I still have a bag of scraps left.  These will be used for something else, amazing how far the leftovers can go.

Charm squares, is like an elastic, it can go quite far. It stretch far further, than even I could ever suspect.
The fun in thinking up another way to use the rest.....

PS: Nickel quilts can have a repeat of a fabric in the quilt, this will happen later when the blocks get sewn together. 


  1. I have a package of 6 fat quartets that have made an appearance in about 8 projects, so far, and I think I still have scraps left.

  2. These are going to look lovely, lots of work though with all those tiny scraps but it will look so charming. I have given up on using up my scraps there are just to many and I'm running out of time. Cheers Glenda