Saturday, 2 May 2015

Gifts from the Heart.

At retreat, I received an unexpected gift.  My friend made it for me.  It is easy to walk into a shop and buy a gift.  The ones we treasure the most, is the gifts which someone took the time to make.  The best part of all, I needed a bag,
for something, very important,
my knitting, it is a super cute baby hat (you can find the pattern here).  The colours is unlike any baby wool, for a reason.  This is a NHL-PLAYOFF challenge hat, in support of  the SENS, their colours.  The hat will be gifted to a fan to be, who is expected some time in May.

If you are a fan of any team, please knit one or more and gift it to, the  local Childrens Hospital.
.....progress so far, for a non-knitter. The secret is a healthy dose of modern technology.
The wonders of You-Tube, what one can learn from everyday people, showing us how to do something  and teaching us skills we did not know we could master, until we tried!

(Go-SENS-Go, until next year).


  1. I love the Senators wool. You probably have enough for more then one hat.

  2. An unexpected gift is the nicest thing and when it's hand made, that's even better. I treasure those hand made things because I know the effort that goes into them. How lucky you are! What a gorgeous bag! I also think a friendly cat nearby makes every craft more enjoyable so I love the fabric your friend chose too!