Friday, 17 April 2015

Space Invaders..

The top before it was quilted and washed.

Before disaster striked.
After the first wash.
 The colour ran.  Washing pre-cuts never crossed my mind.  
It could be washed again.  Except the size, makes it difficult at 104 inches square.

Unpicking the hand quilting, then washing the top, fixing the colour will be the better path to follow.
Washing fabrics is a good investment in time, which always pays off. 

It was renamed by my family when they saw the top the first time, it reminded them of a computer game graphic's.  So Country Charm it no longer is.  The pattern,  appeared in Quilt IT for Christmas in 2000.
The original size was 81 inches square.  To accomodate the jelly-roll size, the size of the squares was changed from 2 inches, to 2 and a half inches.

Moral of the story, don't accept anything at face value, always check a piece of fabric for yourself.

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