Monday, 27 April 2015


We all need a break from those near and dear to us.  Mine is going on retreat, doing what I like to do in my other life.  Quilting, spending time with friends who love to do the same, all in their own unique way.

The mighty St Laurens River?

The gardens.

The scenery.

The projects, not mine:

Doreen's bright quilt.

Kate's amazing purple beauty.

Margaret's second project, she seems to turn out quilts, at a speed.  A newbie, with a passion.

Mine, did finish one other small project.  Had very important knitting to do, more to follow.....

Aby's beautiful stitching, every retreat a little bit more gets added.  We are still working on Aby to become a quilter, we hope to inspire her to join us.
 Anita, hard at work, those stacks had to be done, beginner?...  It looks like a lot of hard work.
Joanne's Ohmigosh, blocks are only four and a half inches finished!

Hide and Seek.
Lynne was working on this labour of love.
Pattern from: Picture Play Quilts by Ami Simms.

Margaret's other quilt.

The food.
On this trip,  dessert won top prize.   We had no problem taste testing.  It disappeared, before a photo could be taken.  (In the group, someone always keeps track of meal and tea times, to make sure we don't miss anything...)

Before going on retreat;  How organized we become?  What we decide to take with.  The projects we pack and  the goal to get something done.  It is easy to miss all the fun, when you are too focused on it being serious business all the way.  Make time to play,  when we do,  the wheels come off the bus.  Exchanging gifts used  to be part of the process, as most of us have everything we need, we do not do this. (My friend made me something special, stay tuned...).  It is about the people and the special time we get to spend together, making memories.

Going up on the train,  the travel companions we just have to meet.

Until next time, can not wait....

PS: Diane you Rock, Thank you!

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  1. Goodness it looks like you are having a wonderful, inspiring break! Love the projects and scenery, its all very motivating :)