Thursday, 16 April 2015

Green, the colour of the season.

After seeing nothing but white snow, when one finally see something green emerging from the snow, one just knows, it is here.

At the grocery store, a man bought a bunch of Kale, which he proudly carried, like the most precious bunch of rare blooms.  He had a smile on his face, I had to wonder what he was thinking about.

Here is my tribute to the colour.  A smock dress a friend asked me to make for her friends new grand daughter.  It had to be Harry Potter green, as her Mum is crazy about Harry Potter.

Smocking is something I enjoy doing.  The colours for the smock dresses,  is inspired by the fabric.
(Pattern appear in Australian Smocking and Embroidery, Issue 97.  It is called Petite Princess.)

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