Monday, 23 March 2015

The Fabrics that inspire us.

When we started to quilt, there was a fabric that inspired us to make a quilt.  A pattern or a combination of the two.  There is always a reason we make a quilt,  to hug someone with warmth and love.

To celebrate a special occasion,  for a babies birth, a wedding, a child going off to school, away from home.

Then there is the extra special quilts. We make them, never meeting the one who receive them. They go to people in need and comfort around the world.  Just knowing someone out there did not go to sleep without a blanket, make me treasure the blessings we have everyday.  The blocks for this one was given by a fellow quilter, thank you Mavis.  The generous spirit of quilters around the world, is priceless.  Each one doing their bit, it makes the world a better place to live in.

For our loved ones.  I made these two quilts, almost a novice, a newbie at applique.  It took me six years.  Many told me to give up before I started to make these quilts.  I could not see why I should not make them.  Years later I am still glad I followed my heart and made them.  They were given to my children on their tenth birthdays.  They have been treasured and loved over the years, reinforcing my believe, it was the right thing to do at the time.

 Grandma's Country Album I


Grandma's Country Album II

This one came back to be patched.  Luckily I had some scraps left.

All inspired by patterns and fabrics that crossed my path and compelled me to make them.

This one is made with leftover fabric from the first two.  All that was added was the red sashing fabric, a black and  tan fat quarter and some cream scraps for the backgrounds.  Album of Memories, all three patterns appeared in McCalls Quilting magazine, designed by Robert Callaham.

Jinny Beyer,  Lynette Jensen and Debbie Mumm come to mind.  My favourite fabric for a longtime was Thimbleberries from RJR Fashion Fabrics.  Many of my friends loved Jenny Beyer, who also designs for RJR.  Debbie Mumm, for South Sea Imports. These ladies have been at it for decades, Jinny Beyer is still going strong after 40 years.  Only one designer's patterns, caught my eye.  Robert Callaham.

Then a few years later, Kaari Meng arrived with French General Fabrics.  What makes them work so well?  One can use a print from this collection with one two years down the line.  Fabrics that compliment each other.  The colour palette is in Blues, Reds, Creams and Taupe's.  With a couple of richer colours added to the mix, chocolate brown.  Very calm and soothing fabrics.

Best part of it all, one can put a fat quarter bundle on your gift list.   

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  1. A designer I am very fond of is Janet Clare. She designs modern country fabrics based on her sketches of the natural world. I made my grandson a nautical themed quilt from Hearty Good Wishes which is treasured. I also love the French General.