Thursday, 26 March 2015

Preparation is Key.

Where do I find the time to applique?

I have a simple rule.  I give myself twenty minutes a day or ten stitches.    This is my little box with all I have prepared, which I will use to achieve my goal for the day/week.  It may not seem like I'll ever get a project done, yet, after a while it is surprising how much gets done. 

It is all about priorities.  My family comes first, I would drop everything if they need me.  Spending time with my loved ones, is what I treasure the most.  We do stuff together, go fishing, yes women do fish, the funny thing is they can be very good at it.  Don't ask me why?   Play boardgames,  it brings out the competitive spirit in us all.  Ever played "Ticket to Ride"?... it was inspired by 80 days around the World.

As kids growing up, we never told Mom we were bored.  She simply gave us chores to do.  We had hobbies and activities in the community growing up.   Caring and looking after what we have, it lasts so much longer in the long run.

Time wise, I have limited time for crafts.  Our house needs painting,  it gets done one room at a time.  Over time everything gets done.  Then hopefully I will have some extra time, maybe not, once the snow melts, it means we get to spend time outdoors.

In the meantime, I prepare every block for my quilt, first with the background fabric, then the overlay, if I am using one.   This is an overlay, it helps to place each applique piece where it has to be stitched down. 

Next I trace all my templates for leaves, this pattern repeat the same shapes, plastic templates make it easy to trace the leaves on the fabric.

Is it a scrappy quilt?, shop your stash first.
Then I dig into my scraps and leftovers from old projects that are finished.  Amazing what one can find in this lot.  A large variety of different prints, colours awaits in this treasure trove.
For leaves I try to layer  a mixture of values, or light medium and medium dark. 

Next the bias stems.  Sometimes I trace the outlines on the background, with my blue pen.  It washes out.

Colors for the vases, baskets.

Lastly the berries.

Having everything prepared, I do not run the risk of not having enough fabric to complete a project, each block with all the bits is cut out and placed in a ziplock bag.

When I am ready, I pick up a bag, take it along where I am going.  Sometimes I do a little while waiting for the children, at the dentist. 

What happens to the overlays, at the end of the day?  To keep the carbon footprints to a minimum, we pass them on to fellow quilters who can use them,  (the ones for this quilt was given to me by Carol).   Keeps the clutter away, giving someone else the joy to make a quilt, as it saves on time.  They only need to buy the pattern.

This pattern crossed my path over a number of years, yet I never bought it, until I saw the quilt made with Spring colours at the Common Thread Quilt Guild,  Quilts in Bloom Show,  a few years ago.  It is amazing how it changes the feel of the quilt.

As to the maker of the quilt, it was displayed at the Dragonfly Fabrics booth.  Her colour choices and workmanship is beautiful.

Maybe someone who went to the show, remember who made this.  I would like to give credit where it is due.


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  1. Love that pattern. I also prepare berries using brass washers.
    Fun to make.