Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Peeling back the layers.

Applique is all about the layers. There is a sequence of events, one has to follow.  Some parts has to be sewn down first.  This is the piece that is always closest to the background.  With some patterns every piece is labeled from A, B, C.  Some is the mirror image of a piece.  Very many times they are called reverse of piece A, B or C.

Other patterns, one is given the drawn outlines of a design only,  which one would use as a guide to do the layers of applique.  I use different ways to do each project.  In doing so,  one  practice and learn new techniques of doing the same thing.

It keeps me nimble and exercise muscles in many ways, preventing strain and overuse of others, especially in my hands.  No more than twenty minutes a day or ten stitches a day.  Does not sound like much?  Amazing, how by making a start and doing a little everyday, in a short while you have made progress,  without even realizing it.

How did they do the small dots?  Needleturn?
How did they do it in 1790?  Some old gold work is done over stiff paper, maybe they did use starch? 

How did they mark their backgrounds?  Pencils?
(The pencil was invented in 1564, when graphite was discovered in Borrowdale, Cumbria. England).

My progress so far.
The center with the dots, Compass, leaves and stems sewn down.

Trying out the triangles of the crown.  They will be stitched down after I finish stitching the stems.

Stitching down the stems.

Finding more green fabric to go with what I already used proved to be a challenge. 

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