Saturday, 28 February 2015

Love Entwined, the adventure has begun.


My Love Entwined journey is of to a great start.  This is love at first sight.

Who the maker of this quilt is, is a mystery.  The original exist and the owner has asked to be left in peace  and their wishes, to be respected.  It is good to know,  it has a home and is being well loved by someone in the world.  We all need a special quilt in our lives. It is up to them, to share it, if they want to!

Love Entwined is an amazing applique quilt.  You can read all about it here, on Esther Aliu's blog.  Thanks to Esther, who recreated a pattern, from a grainy photograph, which appeared in Averil Colby, Patchwork book in 1956.  It was simply called " a fine marriage coverlet".

All I can say, it has caught my eye, it compelled me to make one.  Off to the quiltshop, armed with my printed instructions.  The fabric requirements in hand, the search to explore the fabrics, finding the right ones for this quilt.  At the begining I shopped my own stash first, pulled some fabrics I wanted to use, others I was not sure about.  It would be on a white background. 

Coral?  Not a colour I had on my list, it turned out to be a major choice.  This is the backing, which I found while on quilt retreat last year.  Some other fabrics which I found at the same time (below).

A sense of peace and serenity follow this quilt, it is difficult to explain.  Start one for yourself and see if you have a similar experience.


  1. Hello Maggie, how lovely to find the start of a new LE I do like your choice of colours and fabrics, is it possible for you to share your journey in the photo album of Esther's group, there are still many quilters joining in making LE. I'm still working on my centre after a year LOL. But I still love working on it. Cheers Glenda Australia.

  2. Dear Glenda

    I definitely will, just have to work out how to do it. Love Entwined is the the most amazing quilt I have ever discovered. It maight take me a long time to do, like a certain cross-stitch that is a lifelong work in progress.

  3. oh - oh, you've been bitten by the Love Entwined bug! I don't know if its the sheer beauty of the design, the intrigue around its origins, the manual challenge of making it or a combination of all three that make this quilt SO alluring. But I'm hooked and now I've seen your stunning compass start, I'm hooked to seeing how you go along your journey with this quilt too. Can't wait to see more. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Have you considered linking your LE posts on the LE page over on my blog? There's a linky archive there for anyone to join in.

  4. I just love your start on LE, such a perfect choice for the centre of the compass.